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Your top questions, answered.

Our affiliate program is open to anyone residing in Malaysia. Whether you are a blogger, content creator, entrepreneur or someone who is working a full-time job looking for an extra income, you are all welcome to be a part of our affiliate team.

No, you do not have to prepare any promotional design. In fact, it is prohibited to design your own artwork using our brand. We only encourage you to write your own caption when you share our promotional materials, however it is not compulsory. Our goal is to make things easy for you!

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission for every customer referred through the link and made full payment for the service. The 10% commission is calculated from the total setup cost (after discount) of the services subscribed by the clients. 

For example, the eCommerce Enterprise plan cost RM9,700. Therefore 10% of RM9,700 = RM970.

Only our web design and eCommerce design services are applicable in our Affiliate Program. The plans are as follows.

Web Design and Development: Lite, Essential and Premium Plans

eCommerce Website: Basic, Pro and Enterprise Plans.


Unfortunately, we do not offer recurring commission. The commission that we offer are one-off payments calculated from the total setup cost paid by the referred customer.

Our payout schedule are done monthly, you will receive your commission within 14 days after the referred customer has settled the full payment. You may also check your payment status and total commission on your own affiliate account dashboard.


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